27 March 2012

Good movies that may not currently exist: Dog Agility Time Machine in the Age of Zombie Apocalypse.

Fast thinking, somewhat naughty dogs use shrewdness and cunning, as well as dog agility skills, to flee the re-animated corpses of popular television celebrities from the past in a survival marathon called the Future. Think Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets the Walking Dead meets Beverly Hills Chihuahua meets the Hunger Games.

I've heard the Coen brothers are interested, which means we can get Buscemi and Jon Goodman. Lots of location shots when dogs and the rotting corpse aggressors are romping through dark, dank forests. Keanu is already attached to the script, and likely Frances McDormand will sign on as the awesome, sexy dog trainer who helps the dog pack elude certain death. Many cliff hanging moments. This one is not to be passed up.

Also, spoiler alert. The dogs emerge victorious, saved by the call of the mocking-jay. Just wanted you to know so you're not stressed out. Many, many, many zombies are bludgeoned to death by non infected Peter Brady, David Cassidy, and Lisa Bonet. Although Keanu leaves us with the perplexing, sequel suggesting question at the end, will dog agilty be relevant during the apocalypse?

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