07 December 2011

Perhaps you would like to join my online hoola hoop school?

photo credit Ellen Finch, I think? Ellen, did you take this?

Perhaps you know about this. If you are in facebook, where usually I am not, you have seen the movie that proves that course building and hoola hoop at the same time are possible. Proof. Also that Otterpop can so far do tunnels and dogwalks with a hooping handler.

A little secret foreshadowing early knowledge of something perhaps GREAT to come that ALL of you are going to want to know about and learn how to do. Just saying.

So the other day my husband comes in with a weird flat box from outside from UPS, that apparently Otterpop missed the arrival of since the UPS truck is her prime number one enemy of absolute vile hatred must die factor.

She hates the guy, pretty much normal UPS/postman hating guy factor that a lot of dogs have, except Gustavo who loves everyone that comes to our house carrying large heavy objects wearing uniforms and shorts in the winter. But that truck. Otterpop HATES UPS trucks more than anything, like even more than I hate avocados.

So anyways.

"You expecting anything?"

I'm all, "Huh? Present for me?" Except I'm secretly thinking oh crap. WHAT did I buy on the internet now and did I spend a lot and we are having highly frugal Christmas this year and what the hell did I buy and maybe I somehow thought of a present for Gary and ordered it and it arrived and I didn't even know I did it and is this it?

He is kind of looking suspicious at me. Also this is actually hopeful because maybe I thought of a totally most supertastic Christmas present for him that isn't socks and I thought of it early and ordered it and demonstrating organization that will perhaps result in one day assisting him in cleaning out the refrigerator or learning how to correctly load the dishwasher.

I am sort of hopeful of this because, awesome, no more Christmas shopping, even if it means the potentially credit damaging next stage past losing keys of dementia maybe has arrived as well.

I just rip it open figuring if he sees his awesome Christmas surprise then all the merrier.

In real life hoop is not blurry, Wendy, I was just cold and clearly shivering. Not drunk.

Ha! Thanks to my super fabulous friend Wendy, my own red and black totally awesome, custom hoop! For me!

You have no idea the possibilities here. And now I can practice, all the time. Except I've already learned, not in the house. You need a pretty wide house for indoor hoola hooping. Carry on. And be ready for exciting, mind blowing, new agility possibilities.


maryclover said...

That is a rather Christmasy hoola hoop. Just tell Gary the fabulous waistline you will get from hoola hooping will be his best Christmas gift EVER!

Unknown said...

Hoop it up Team Small Dog! I bet Gary will want one of his own. Wonder if he can hoop and ride a bike at the same time?

maryclover said...

Last night on Toddlers and Tiaras (not that I watch this, but I heard..) one of the contestants talents was hula hooping.

Elf said...

Wow, beautiful hoop! Yep, I took the photo.