11 December 2011

Our friend who someday will talk but for now stays very quiet.

We spent a few days trying to capture this guy. Showed up at work, started following me around. I'd be down by the arena and he'd be just behind me, watching without blinking. Gustavo wouldn't let him near the deck, started screaming any time he'd come into view, so he stayed on the knoll, waiting til I came down the hill.

He has a long skinny tail that spends most of the time tucked down through his legs. He just walked up one day and didn't want to leave, stares at me with the same kind of eyes as Gustavo and lurks around, just letting me know he's there. He always wants me to see him so I know he's there, just as long as it's not a bad kind of close. I keep my back to him a lot and pretend to listen on the phone when he's near. He likes that and will come to where I feel him at my knee. Maybe he thinks I'm whispering to Santa. I like him because he's someone I don't have to talk to.

I sent Ruby out to make friends. They are the same size, except he's skinny and she's not and they knew they were somehow kin right away. As soon as she met him, Ruby who does no wrong, started to let herself out to spend the day walking around the property with him. I think he's young, maybe 1 or 2, but I can't say which for sure. He's like her a little bit, in public only wants to hear quiet but I think when you get to know him, he'll start to turn into something else.

I leave him food in little bags and he comes very near to eat it. He is good just staying near.

I won't keep him, but I think we found a solution for where he will stay. It's an untraditional home, one maybe a regular rescue person wouldn't send a dog to because they're a little off the normal grid. They are good dog folk. I'll buy him a neuter and a round of shots. He's going to be a really good dog.


maryclover said...

You are a good person.

terry said...


Liz said...

I like him too. Are you sure he couldnt be yours? He seems to have sought you out.

Amanda said...

You scored some serious good karma with this one. +1 for you!

team small dog said...

I sure would like to keep him, but it has been proven by Otterpop that we can't take in extra dogs anymore. This is a bummer but a reality, so he has to get another home.

Elf said...

Oh, makes me so sad to think of him being alone out there. Glad he found you.