06 December 2011

In Internet Agility School, frisbee counts as homework.

Part of being in school is following the assignments. In my Canadian Winning Process class, we are supposed to be taking meticulous notes and filling in the worksheet. In my Ultimate Handling class, there are lots of drills and sequences to practice, preferably in sequential order.

This was what I set out to do, I swear. But then I got to the field and I had an idea for a sequence that could be handled a bunch of different ways and that seemed to good to pass up for a game of "Which Way is the Least Bad Way To Handle This?" I did stay carefully within GDHS (this is the RULES, people) to my best knowledge, which probably would have been better knowledge had I actually stayed with my assignment and not skipped ahead.

Also I meant to keep a meticulous record for my record keeping assignment but all I ended up with was this notebook page. I forgot to notice how long we worked on stuff. I would probably say the right amount of time, which is very short for Gustavo and pretty long for Otterpop. Except that would be using mind fiction and not science. And there were frisbee breaks, and Ruby has her turns of dog obedience heeling and fetching her dog obedience dumbell also known as frisbee.

The dogs couldn't tell we were doing our homework. Nobody got detention or sent to the office known as possessed devil crate in the car. We took a field trip into the forest after school then went home to study some more. A+ for effort, sort of. Maybe Blog counts as Excel in some parts of the world? Like Sweden maybe?


Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I sit here in the below zero snow pile of North Dakota and laugh my butt off reading your blogs. I wear your "small, fast" shirt with great joy. Thank you for the warmth you send with each entry.
Ann & the poodles
in Minot, ND

team small dog said...

Thanks Ann! Wow. North Dakota. Wow. Many possibilities for excellent cute snow boots!

Josefine said...

Being authentic swedish reader I feel the pressure of answering the question and no, blog does not counts as Excel. Much nicer to read though! Keep up the good work, I <3 team small dog

Anonymous said...

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