26 December 2011

A Christmas without 70 degrees and sunny skies and views clear across to the Hollywood sign just wouldn't be Christmas.

It has come to Otterpop's attention that some people celebrate what the radio continually likes to call, White Christmas.

Otterpop is unclear whether this term speaks to snow or the leanings of racial supremacist organizations. Whichever it is, Otterpop hopes that you had neither.

And that your Christmas trees were large and had monkeys in them and that you did not get stuck looking for monkeys on a high limb and have to be lifted down out of them.

Otterpop wishes it was Christmas every day and every day had sun and palm trees and many cookies and walks, walks everywhere and all the time. And the beach and it's spectacular low tides.

Otterpop would also like you to know that Otterpop did nothing wrong at Christmas, nothing at all. That Gustavo barked a lot due to his divergent beliefs about the hostage situation of the xpen and that Otterpop was nothing but perfect manners perfect everything for all of Christmas.

Otterpop would like to put in this information to Santa now. Because, really. Perfect manners. Model dog. Otterpop would request genuine, live monkeys for next Christmas.

Holidays are now officially over and we embark upon the Month of Salads that follows and return to your regularly scheduled agility programming shortly.


Anonymous said...

Otterpop makes a great hood ornament. Merry Christmas, white or not!


nosemovie said...

We watched "Planet of the Apes" (the newer one) for Christmas. Otterpop can be 1/2 bad-1/2 good and still watch monkey movies. At least, that's what I did!

Elf said...

What an excellent dog Otterpop is! I'll put in a vote for live monkeys for Otterpop, too.