30 December 2011

Almost the end of the year.

We vanished a bit this week. We're actually still here, me and the dogs and everyone, but there's been work, and I am sick. The dogs got rabies shots and didn't get sick this time. I had no rabies shot, but inherited a sore throat. And there were some low tides.

Oh, and I got a new pet.

It's name is ipad. Gary got it for me for Christmas, and it's a pretty cool.

I know. I am one of Those people now. Sorry about that.

The other dogs hate it because they think I love it more than them. But we're just establishing our relationship, it comes out of it's box knowing the tricks and I'm the one getting trained. Luckily I know a squadron of teenage ipad pro's, and have met my new favorite thing called drawing with my finger instead of my pens.

I should resurface soon. Do you have an ipad?


Susan in MA said...

So much for the austere TSD Christmas. Did you find something other than socks for Gary? He sounds like a great guy.

terry said...

Yep! :) You're gonna love it!

kiwichick said...

I have one too. My hubby calls it my new best friend. And as for Pavlov - my dogs get up and act like we are going to go out and train when they hear the click when I turn it off.
Pathetic huh!!

Jodi, eh? said...

No, not yet but I just saw David Hockney's Ipad drawing show and I'm thinking I need one. Let me know what you think of yours....

team small dog said...

ipad is the best thing EVER for drawing pictures with.

I just got Gary a sweater and some spoons for Christmas. And he got me THIS THING OF AMAZINGNESS.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have an iPad and am reading multiple books about the mental management of performance sports!!

Although I did have an accident with my iPad -- I was reading in bed and fell asleep and suddenly I got a rude awakening when the iPad fell onto the bridge of my nose ... thought it was broken (my nose, not the iPad) at first, but just have a little bump and bruise!! So, be very careful!!