24 December 2011

Feliz all Yer Holidays from yer pals, Laura and Team Small Dog.

Merry Christmas! We are spending the weekend in the land of palm trees, malls, and no sweaters or jackets or mittens or hats or long sleeves even, for Christmas. Happy Holidays to all our pals and we hope you have a great weekend with your friends and families and dogs!
xox, yer pals Laura and Team Small Dog.


Anonymous said...

And a Merry Christmas to you and the little black dogs! Love the pic, but looks like "somebody" needs to learn to share...

Virginia in Texas - Otterpop's #1 fan and a Gustavo Groupie. And not to leave out Ruby - gots to luv them old dawgs. They own so much real estate in our hearts.

Elf said...

Merry Christmas!