13 September 2011

Today we take an exciting journey into the inner depths of the team's dog bag to excavate 4 tubes of ancient sunscreen.

I am thinking you all have your dog bag, right? This is your training tote, so you can grab and go train your dogs and always have all your stuff. Not to be confused with your lunch tote, work tote, clothes tote, camera tote, grocery tote, big purse, small purse, evening bag and little ipod bag.

I am a total hoarder of totes.

The dog bag holds a lot of items. It works as airplane carry-on, and fits my computer and any number of the accessory hoarder totes mentioned above.

Hey, if you had my life, you would try to stay organized into totes. I just spent most of my day off looking for missing items in my messy house where I never am. If you have seen my sunglasses, dog nail grinder battery charger or 2009 taxes, I implore you. Let me in on the little secret of where do I put this stuff.

Probably in a tote. Although I can happily report the recent finding of the lost bottle of Gustavo's medicine and my wedding rings. But not my house key.

Sometimes I leave string cheese in the dog bag. Not good. Also, today it was noticeably missing our best frisbee, the one that's all ripped up in the middle that is Otterpop's favorite for grabbing on to because her nose pokes through it. We have others. Where in my hoarder existence is that frisbee? With all the phillips head screwdrivers? And the bottle of toxic stuff that cleans the shower tile?

Of extremely large importance in the dog bag are notebooks. I try to write down important stuff about training that may come back to haunt me in the future. Sometimes it isn't necessarily useful information, and sometimes it's names of songs I hear on the radio in the car or something about beer or that hat that the agro lady in the Mercedes behind me was wearing. I get sidetracked. But I do make this attempt at being organized and thoughtful.

But I usually at least write down what we did, and how we did it, just so I know. I like to know if there were any issues or surprises. Who I owe money to. Something Rob or Nancy suggested I try to do better. Scrawled cryptic training tips like, "get sunscreen" and "cvs # gorillaz dare" and "los campesinos cervezas". I like to use my favorite pens to write stuff down with, unless they're lost.

Could you just check your dog bag for me, just in case?


Anonymous said...

I'll look for your frisbee if you look for my car keys. They are lost, but I got home...so probably they're not in your bag.


Jodi, eh? said...

My notepads look alarmingly like yours. How weird is that? Love your new Team Small Dog pic, though it's a little scarier.

team small dog said...

Maybe your keys are with Gary's special red water bottle that I wasn't even supposed to borrow? And my tiny camera?

Jodi my 5 year old nephew took that photo! Do you buy your notebooks in bulk at target? Do you have target in Canada?

Jodi, eh? said...

We do have Target in Canada but only in the land of Suburbia do they live (and I don't) but I mean the content of your notebooks, not the notebook itself!