11 September 2011

Yell louder and run faster now for your wearing pleasure.

How am I going to be a dog agility millionaire if I never make new shirts? Why, look. Here's one now. Buy one and support my dream of dog agility millionairism.

I haven't seen one yet, I will let you know when mine shows up. Let's try not to wear them on the same day to the same place, though, ok? Too matchy matchy.

Buy it on skreened. The dog face will show up white on a dark shirt if you make sure to order the one marked "T-shirt with Underbase." Or so they say. I ordered one in cinder in Junior size xl with Underbase. In American Apparel Juniors, I always get xl. I am not proud of that, but they run really small and that's the way it goes. American Apparel Junior size xl are the only shirts I wear, in case you were wondering.

If you don't order Underbase, the dog head shows up the same color as the shirt. So you might not see her gigantic teeth as massive and gigantic as they should be. But if you like pink, well then, pink teeth. Are you green? Green teeth.

Either way, you win. Although you're out enough cash to pay for a couple classes at your next dog show. And then I enter a couple. Spread the wealth, wear your big dog teeth, remember these important words from Professor Rob Michalski. Gracias from your pals Team Small Dog.


Anonymous said...

shameless commerce. just like the car talk guys. love it! but don't go saying the jr xl is anything but tiny.

Agility Foot said...

Laura, where are your links to other websites, like, Nancy Gyes, Susan Garrett, Sylvia Trkman? I rely on your page to house those for me cuz after I read your blog see what everyone else is up to.

team small dog said...

Oh shoot. I will fix that. My whole blog went kaplooey this weekend and I have been slowly reconstructing it. I forgot to reconstruct that-will do it next!

OBay Shelties said...

Love the new shirt! :-) I probably should buy one.

Agility Foot said...

Thanks, Laura!!