14 September 2011

Full moon agility.

I meant to have a picture here, but I couldn't find my camera. Should always be in the dog bag. Or purse. Or camera tote.

Not sure where it is. Let me know if you find my little camera. And Gary's special red water bottle.

A great full moon came up over the mountain top during our agility class last night. We were drinking wine. We don't usually drink wine at agility class, but last night we did.

Dinner of champs.

I would say I do agility WAY better when I'm not drinking wine. I guess I need more practice at this. Poor Otterpop. Usually I don't mess up on courses with Otterpop. Luckily she doesn't care, but it was getting pretty ugly. The courses were on the tough side, with some very european spacing of obstacles and hard pull thrus into hard pole entrances. Many, many do-overs. Which honestly, I think Otterpop likes. Bring it on.

Maybe she wants me to drink more wine when we run in trials? A thought to ponder. Dog prefers handler drunk.

Lucky for Gustavo I ran him before the wine.


maryclover said...

Hmmmm I tend to do agility much better after a glass (or two) of wine. For some reason my liquor soaked brain can remember the course where my teetoalling brain can not. I liken it to a damp shamwow! absorbing more liquid than a dry one. That is my philosophical thought for the day.

team small dog said...

Something I've been working on with my handling is being more In Yo Face. Which is something I tend not to have trouble doing after some cocktails. Maybe because wine was dinner was why it was so hard? I guess I need to practice a lot more, Mary, so my damp shamwow! can be better absorbing too and i don't keep sending my dog over that off course jump right there.

sikevin said...

I want to be in your agility classes!