21 July 2011

Dirt Nite, where we think unclean thoughts.

A lot of talk last night about backsides. It really is that dirty.

When Rob is gone, everyone has to suffer through Uhoh, Laura is the Teacher. I start a lot of sentences with, "Oh shit. Um. Maybe you could try…." and then the mumbling starts. I do a lot less damage teaching the beginning and intermediate level classes. Hopefully. Sorry, my dirt nite pals.

But yeah. For real. It really is that dirty.


Jodi, eh? said...

You dirt night people are hard core...wouldn't want to rumble with any of you...'specially Mary!

Jodi, eh? said...

See, you are hard core. I wouldn't have ever known what bare feet in that dirty dirt feels like cuz I'd never go there with no shoes!!! We Cannucks are a little tight-ass that way.

team small dog said...

Photo credit for cute picture of me by Mary. Thanks Mary!