20 July 2011

Moving pictures of dog agility which keep me humble, far humbler than I even knew I should have been.

Gustavo runs Masters Jumpers
I like this run because Gustavo is paying attention everywhere. Not just somewhere. His speed might not be where I'd like it to be, but at this point, watching me and not tarps or hooby loopy spooky dooks in the vapors, is a giant success. Also, isn't he cute?

Otterpop runs IHC Jumpers
I like this run because Otterpop keeps score. She had a good startline, but counts how every time I'm out of position and use poor timing, and when I go over the limit, she's just had it with me. Muthaf*&king dumbass frisbee lady. In my mind, the ending bit called for this heroic, triple awesome front cross. Watch Otterpop show me what she thinks of that. We got to re-run this, because it was a special IHC for Dummies class. We serped. Life was good.


Terry A said...

Am I the only one to tear up watching G run? Gallant little black fox. Smart Otterpop. Obviously practice paying off, looking smooth & confident, Laura.

HurricaneDeck said...

Little G looked fabulous! And even though I couldn't see Otterpop's face, I could totally tell that she was a WTFLADY? there at the end. Nice job on both runs!