30 June 2011

Lost and found during explosive season.

Stuff I have lost in the last couple weeks:

-Both pairs of sunglasses.
-Lens cap.
-Visa bill.
-My best fake tooth.
-My cute black cap.
-My temper. Badly. At the car place. Where Jetta TDI Sportwagen fancy new car spent over a week because it's brakes went bad.

Stuff I have found:

-Brakes. Actually, Jaime, who has those giant earlobe plugs in both ears and a massive tattoo of the Mexican flag all over his arm, was the one that finally found them. Thank you, Jaime.
-One pair of sunglasses. The scratched ones. But better than nothing.
-Gustavo's weave poles.

I didn't really find the poles. Robot did. I have had Robot out for driveway weave poles, and impressively, when beloved Robot is out there, filled with Hepatatic Super Ultra Pricey Only From Vet Office dog food bits and Vegan Sweet Potato chunklets, Gustavo can do no wrong in 6 poles. I can be on the other side of the fence and he can run around and dive into the poles perfectly and speed through to Robot. Not an entrance he can miss, the Round-The-Trash-Bins one is especially spectacular.

Although the only way for him to get up any high speed is starting him in the street and that makes me a little nervous. Because it's Gustavo. And cats. And cars. And the sprinting toddler that mysteriously came flying down the sidewalk in a tutu. Gustavo's less than stellar focus on me makes those street starts a little dicey. A massive training hole. Your dog should play with you, any time, all the time. Even when the cat jumps off the fence and a toddler comes screaming out of nowhere wearing only a tutu and the low rider guy's hydraulics thunk and hiss.

We also found that Robot's beep can overrule fireworks. Fourth of July has started already on the westside. It's a 2 week long holiday of bombing that makes Ruby and Gustavo spend much of their time quivering under furniture. Luckily for Ruby, she seems to have lost a good deal of hearing this year and hopefully this lets some of the explosives stay under her radar. Gustavo gets to spend more quality Robot time, waiting for his beep. Firework? Beep. Weave poles? Beep.

Now if only I could find that tooth.


Jen Lindsay said...

What is going on with your brakes? My Jetta Sportwagen has over 30,000 miles now, and I'm just now getting ready to replace the brake pads.

Anonymous said...

Every dog knows that nearly-naked toddlers are the SCARIEST!

team small dog said...

Jen the master cylinder of brakes BLEW! On my beautiful fancy car with 4500 mies! Was very awful then they couldn't fix it right and then they still couldn't fix it right and then I lost my temper and now I have it back and it is fixed!

I was more scared of toddler's mom and dad that seemed more happy about strolling home from the market with their 6-pack and having a smoke than noticing toddler running away down our street. Poor tutu toddler.

Mary I have robot back in heavy rotation trying to bombproof weavepoles. May be futile but I am not giving up. There is probably a way to get it to teach him not to eat the shoes-like you have a shoe and you have robot. He turns away from shoe you beep robot. Etc and so forth.

Robot is a useful thing to have around the house and great for training your dog to focus on an inanimate object instead of you and your toy. But it sure works for Gustavo, it sure did teach him that running dogwalk. Thanks Robot!

Kathleen said...

Someone left a pair of sunglasses and a blue tug toy at my place. Could they be yours? Anyway, they are in the cupboard......

Bummer about the Jetta.