01 July 2011

To be clear, not like that time when Sinead O'Connor tore up the pope's picture on SNL, not what I'm trying to say here, righty-o.

We'll be at the USDAA trial all weekend. Sort of all weekend, we'll be there in the morning then at work then back at the trial on Saturday. All day Sunday, team day Monday.

Gustavo will be there, but I only entered him in 2 classes all weekend. He's not right. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I'm pretty sure that he doesn't need to do things that stress him out. Something felt weird and wrong when I ran him at that AKC trial. We're going to just try trial lite for a while. He eats a slurry made of seaweed and flax and sticky medicines every day. Trial lite seems like a good idea.

Otterpop is doing the usual. What can I say about Otterpop. Hope you're in a good mood, Otterpop. Otterpop's team is called Hat Rot the Pope.

That's maybe my favorite team name, ever.

She climbed into a cupboard this evening and I found her sitting in there licking an unopened bottle of salad dressing. Hat rot the pope, Otterpop.

Lately I've been tying her to Gustavo and letting them run next to my bike. Ruby rides in Timmy's basket on the back. She barks for like 3 blocks. It's embarrassing. I shouldn't really let her do stuff like this with her gimpy leg, but sometimes, I do. Hat rot the pope, is what I say to that.

We'll be easy to find this weekend. I'm the one emptying the garbage cans. See you there, I hope!


Elf said...

Your anagram idea is yet another good one. We've got an anagram name lined up for my september team that's just perfect. Meanwhile, hat rot the pope, and Team on Monday, not Sunday?!

Kathleen said...

Hat rot the pope IS the best team name ever! I have to say my own favorite team name was for Cap, Piper, and J.B. It was "C J.B. P". Potty humor but what the heck, we won Team that day.....