05 May 2011

How we can see we still have a ways to go in the champion department.

Moving pictures keep us humble.

I make a gross handling error, setting Gustavo off on the wrong line, getting all screamy on him, causing a lovely E in the steeplechase final round. Um, if you watch close enough, I think you also find a flick. Muthaflicka.

Gooey was a bit queezy on this startline, I don't remember why now, but he held it together and keeps on keeping on and then actually lays down on a table. He looks a bit slow to me here, maybe he wasn't quite right but you know what? He was listening. I think his brain was working so very hard on this one. Bonus dogwalk, teeter, and poles points. Gustavo is the dog I thought was never, ever going to understand how to weave. Baby steps, grasshoppers.

Here's the same course with Otterpop. She's a lot more confident, but watch as I mess up my serp cue that I work so hard on not messing up, causing a refusal. A refusal! With Otterpop! Sorry about that, Otterpop.

Honestly. It's a wonder they run with me at all. Thanks dogs. I apologize. But you guys eat dead furry rotten stuff you find in the sand, bark at the huskie next door and get hair all over the couch. So I guess it evens out somewhere down the line.


Anonymous said...

Gustavo's tail is happily swishing on the table and Otterpop lays down almost before she's on the table. I'm glad you're not being so hard on the dogs or yourself.


Anonymous said...

Gustavo's tail is also my very favorite part. That and the appearance of SUN.
Can you send a bit up here? I need it for this weekend's outdoor trial. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny, I too was going to comment on Gustavo and Otterpop's tails wagging while on the table, it's a good sign!! Keep up the good work, TSD, I see lots of progress!

Beth & Lexi

team small dog said...

Otterpop has always been a table champ. Although if you look close in the video, she takes a good, hard look over her shoulder at the judge.

Gustavo's tail swishing on the table, I have learned, isn't necessarily happy happy tail wagging. I think he does it because he's nervous. When he does do the table though, it's nice and clean for the next dog because he always gives it a good sweep while he's laying there!