06 May 2011

Further down the low tide beach.

When the tide drops down to the negatives, it's imperative to get there for our scientfic measurements. Walk all the way down to where the cliff wall ends, and find the thumbpress dent. If you can activate the sea wall, the tide is low enough. Turn around, pass the 3 secret caves, and you'll be able to jump off the one ledge that's inaccessible until it's negative numbers.

Gustavo has jumped it in a positive before, nearly given me a heart attack. Luckily never when the surf is high enough to pound straight against it, but sometimes when it's been a bit of a pickle to get him back up the cliff. My knees hold strong enough that I can jump down, and Ruby knows just how to jump to my arms so I can left her down from the ledge. Be careful, because a lot of the smooth rocks are still slippery from not being used to being exposed to air.

The only ones out this early are people that have some good reason, just like me. If you live by my beach, these are your people. The naked guy with a moustache down to his shoulders, standing facing the sun, not moving. Super dog training low tide tip-a great place to practice your pre-emptive leave-it if you have an Otterpop, on immobilized naked kungfu guys humming low grade sounds.

There's junkies still asleep on the bench just above. One of them sleeps cocooned into his leather jacket, so all that sticks out is a tuft of hair above the head hole. He has a big Canadian flag patch stitched across the front. Looks like someone stuffed up dirty old pants legs and stuck them on a bench to scare off ugly seabirds. One of them stirs when we walk by, so I know at least that one is still breathing. Steam should start pouring off them soon, as the sun goes higher and they start to shrivel up in there, inside their hide.

We make it into the big seacave, just to check on it's insides. Everything still there. Run across the secret beach, and stand there for quite a while, watching for stuff on the horizon. Never know what you'll see. We could stay down there forever, on the low tide beach. There's never long enough, tide will start to come back up and there's places to go, things to do. Everybody climbs back up the rocks, and on we go.

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