04 May 2011

One of a kinds.

photo credit: Erika Maurer

We had class last night. The dogs ran great. No harm done for our meltdowny breakdown on Sunday afternoon as far as I could tell. They ran lots of courses and we worked on timing and position. Timing and position. And some more timing and position.

photo credit: Erika Maurer

I sure do love my dogs for who they are. It's true, they aren't exactly made for agility. I can't even verify that Gustavo is actually a dog. And Otterpop looks like some kind of pointy eared stumpy monkey, hand picked from the side of the road. I am very proud of them for how far they've come. I just want to get better and better at training and handling them so they can be the BEST Gustavo and the BEST Otterpop ever. We have lots more work to do.

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Misa said...

Yes, they are. Gorgeous photos! You must be a very proud Mama.