07 April 2011

Team Small Dog's Car of the Day, a feature which is perhaps, growing tiresome already.

Last night we showed up at Dirt Nite in sparkle metal flake style. Hydraulics hopping up the dirt road, no dogs harmed by bouncing out of the back of the Impala.

Otterpop and Gustavo were happy to some agility. This whole different car per day is wearing thin on some of the team. Ruby and Otterpop are creatures of habit and have asked for their old car back. Last I saw it, it had pieces missing and was up on the lift in Rusty's shop. Otterpop said she'd take her own ranch truck in lieu of the old car. Ruby just sighs.

Gustavo enjoys cars where he can ride on the console, head on my shoulder, watching the highway open up in front of him. He's always been an open road dog. He looks good in a shiny gold metallic paint job.


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the creatures of habit. I think my older dog would refuse a ride in a strangers car. As well he should. :)

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