06 April 2011

Team Small Dog's Car of the Day, a cool new feature sprung forth of the joy of car borrowing.

Otterpop's favorite all time car is my friend Vicki's ranch truck. Otterpop has always strongly advocated for us to get our own giant, white F250 pickup with 4wd. It's useful for pulling horse trailers and carrying around pieces of plywood, but a bit overkill for shuttling small dogs to and fro across the county. Costs a lot of money to drive this truck. Otterpop's favorite thing is to lay underneath it in the dirt and stare at people. And freak out when someone drives the diesel version of it up the driveway. She HATES diesel F250's.

The dogs love having their own backseat. No crate jails. Big, fat, soft seats. Many paws up from Team Small Dog as a good car for dogs. Thanks, all my friends and friends of Team Small Dog who are lending us your cars!

1 comment:

nosemovie said...

Otterpop should be in car commercials. That dog makes EVERY car look like a boat-load of fun.