08 April 2011

Team Small Dog's Car of the Day, and yet another car. Of the day.

We've been tooling around town in my friend Emily's little Honda lately. Did you notice that Otterpop's not in the picture? Only the good dogs get to ride loose, up on the totally unsafe console. Totally, desperately, unsafe. I have become a horrible dog lady, letting them be free range roaming Honda dogs.

I guess it's not really a race car. We pretend it is. I think it's a broke graduate student car that was colonized by toddlers, then abandoned for a mini van. Left to rot silently in a driveway, full of cookie crumbs from years gone by, until it became a Temporary Team Small Dog transporter.

Otterpop is a shit disturber. She gets locked up in a tiny crate on the back seat when we drive. There are reasons for this. She knows what they are. Damn you, Otterpop. No pictures for you today. Gustavo hopes and prays that when we get a new car, there's no crate in it for him. Just a big center divider of cupholder and shifter nob where he can take up residence, wherever we go.

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Anonymous said...

These car of the day postings clearly show that Gustavo is the most beautiful model of automobile sales - I want the car\truck just because he's in it!