16 December 2010

What the weatherman told me.

It's supposed to start raining Thursday night and not stop for a week.

A week.

A giant cloud will come flying over from Alaska, and sit on top of us and dump rain out. For one week straight.

This happens in other places, but not usually at my house. It makes for cranky horses and muddy, dripping paw prints all over my couch. And barking. Oh, the barking.

But still, the thought of it. Sort of cool. A whole week of rain?

The fictional version? Staying home from work. Going to the movies. A toasty fire. Pie baking.

The reality version? Tranquilizing naughty, cooped up horses. Sitting in traffic jams wearing soaking wet pants. We don't have a fireplace. Last pie I baked exploded coconut juice inside the oven.

I never cleaned that up. Good thing we hardly ever use the oven.

I would tell you about the really good tricks I'm going to train my dogs to do, except in the reality version I might just lay around on the floor a lot.

I call this just keeping it real.

P.S. Ruby is walking a lot better, just with a little limp! This is a very exciting turn of events and we know she's going to get even better as soon as the rain starts. Bring it on.


Jen Lindsay said...

Very glad to hear Ruby is feeling better!

team small dog said...

Ruby is doing so well, she is sitting in my lap right now. Her pain seems gone, and if she didn't have a little limp and a bit of a weird walk, we would never know anything was wrong with her anymore. We still don't know what's wrong, or which medication is helping her, but she's staying on both of them and staying quiet around the house.

An added side effect of the gabapentin is that it's somewhat of a happy pill. Having a happy, stub wagging Ruby around is an added bonus. She is being a model patient!

KristineD said...

Hurrah for Ruby!

Boo for a week of rain.

Elf said...

Wow, that's wonderful about Ruby.

The rain sucks. But we need it. But not when I happen to want it to not rain. Only at night, and not too much at a time. And preferably weeknights, in the middle of the night. There oughta be a law.

I'm teaching the same tricks that you're teaching, sounds like.

Celeste said...

Go, Ruby! Glad to hear you're happy.