17 December 2010

Dog Agility Gift Guide-Do unto others that possibly no one else does.

Here's a warm fuzzy thought for the holidays. Because I'm like that. Warm and fuzzy.

I drive by an animal shelter almost every day. I used to volunteer at a different one, but it got too hard a long ways back to squeeze my volunteer hours into my increasingly frantic schedule. Something had to give, so there went puppy class and walking and playing with adoptable dogs.

Lately, I've been trying to do One For You, One For Me shopping if I find myself in a dog store. They need a lot of stuff at the animal shelter, they have no money. Zero. And a lot of dogs. Cats too. Many cute kittens. An animal I need like a hole in the head, but I still sometimes nearly walk out with one.

You probably already do this. Why am I even suggesting it? Hell, you probably have 9 foster dogs sitting in your dining room while you're reading this and get them all kinds of crap. But just in case you don't, you can find out what they need at your animal shelter, and help them out. Today I got a bunch of leashes when I had to stop and pick up a gift for a dog club party. Pitbull and chihuahua sizes. Maybe next week, I get some kongs. Or cat litter. It doesn't much matter, if it's what they need. Maybe sometimes people gift you gift cards? Maybe it's evil of me to be a regifter, but I like to use them to buy presents for animals that have jack.

I have a lot. A lot of people don't. Spread the wealth. It's the right thing to do. Peace out.


maryclover said...

Thanks for the reminder that it is the giving season. I have more stuffed toys from agility trials than my dogs could play with in a lifetime. I see some happy puppies ripping the heads off Lamby in the near future.

MTWaggin said...

Fab idea missy! I just won a gift card at our company brunch yesterday and have emailed the shelter to ask what they'd like!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking of the animals! I like to bring goodies for the shelter staff too, they sure apreciate it, and you know they deserve it.

Elf said...

Great gift ideas here. Thanks.