08 November 2010

Songs from the storm sea.

Otterpop probably is the only person that likes it when I practice my karaoke skills on her. I am pretty sure we have the same taste in music.

There are some songs that might even get to her. I would consider my karaoke voice to be somewhere between Bart Simpson and Shane MacGowan, with a hint of William Shatner talk singing. Also I use an accent of unknown origin, sort of Australian by way of Western Ozark mountaintop meth cooker. With extra added volume.

Wait. Did I just call Otterpop a person?

Let's all join in now, ya' here? Works good when the storm sea is booming up against the sea cave. After you slide down the sea wall, covered in rain and slime, rip your pants lowering the dogs down one by one. Wait in there, in the rot, to see if the rain will subside, or it's another day to soggy walk home, trying to stick to the side of the rocks without slipping back in.

Delll-elll ataaa Dawn, What's that flower yew have on? Could it beee a faded rose from days gone byyyyyye? Hand did I hear yew say, he wuzza meetin' yew he-er today. To take yew to his mansion in the sky-eye.

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maryclover said...

She's 41 and her daddy still calls her bayaby!