04 October 2010

You can pretend that this is the dogs sitting on a log.

When we were walking in the forest yesterday, we were almost lost for a while. Almost, but not quite. And then we backtracked and found the path back out. We still haven't made it to the sea. I forgot to bring my camera so I can't show you where we didn't know we were.

My friend Mary said, "Don't you have a million pictures you can just use?"

I said, "I never do that. I need 'em fresh."

It was a good day in the forest. Even though we didn't know where we were, it wasn't nearly dark, and it wasn't hot or cold. There were new creeks and the dogs got to drink, and there weren't any creepy sounds or tire tracks. We walked a long time, and I wish I could walk there every single day.

The dogs were happy. I can't show you what they looked like, yesterday in the forest, but they were about as happy as this. Except they were running faster the whole time.

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team small dog said...

Someday, Mary, we will find the sea.