28 October 2010

When one dog runs at Dirt Nite with a droopy, hot dog laden stomach dragging along the dirt.

I would say, if your dog ate a ginormous bag of hot dogs, and then secretly barfed them out on the car ride home, unchewed and undigested, into a pile the size of a little warthog in his crate and you didn't discover this until the next morning when you're loading the dogs up in the car to go to work and everybody tries to leap in and get them because, HELLO! HOT DOGS! then probably he shouldn't really do agility that night.

I tried though, he seemed ok at the beach in the morning even though he feels like he weighs more like 50lbs instead of his usual barely topping the scales at 11lbs. He looks twice as wide. I ran him a bit, and he was ok but he didn't have that super rocket fuel on the verge of insanity ground speed that we like. I think from the extra 40 some pounds of hot dog weight and the fact that where he used to have just bones sticking out now was a droopy, draggy, hot dog pouch gut. I figured that even if he wasn't totally fine, if he was basically fine then he needed to work off some of that hot dog fat.

So he ran around a bit and we worked on startlines, like not breaking them, then he got swapped out for Hobbes and Otterpop. He just wasn't right. Both of them were ready to run. I did a run with Hobbes with all rear crosses. If you have ever seen me run, this would probably have you snickering into your napkin right now. Ha! You don't even believe me. But I did. And I did a good job.

And then I did it with Otterpop.

Shut up! I hear that snickering. But I did and we did a good job and I can so rear cross.

We had fun at Dirt Nite. Hobbes was in a super happy mood, and so was Otterpop. Much barking. Much more fast running front crossing courses after our rear cross miracle run. Gustavo slept off the rest of the night in the car with Ruby and hopefully will be back to his bouncy little bag head wearing fox self tomorrow.

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Elf said...

Dare I make another Ashley/Luka comparison? At one of the trials this summer, where I was (as usual) working score table, Luka came in something like 6th in Jumpers. I of course had to say something about that to Ashley. Apparently Luka had gotten into the food bin in the motorhome and had eaten about a week's supply of food. Yeah, it sure slowed her down and made her not right. She was mostly back to her regular self by the end of the day, but she's a bit bigger than gustavo. Dang dogs. I haven' had a dog pig out that much since Jake found a costco-sized bag of M&Ms sitting on the floor while we were loading the car. Of course, that was a very expensive pump-the-tummy kind of gorging. That was the week after he ate an entire bag of popcorn--unpopped. But no pumping on that occasion.