27 October 2010

Team Small Dog treks over the mountain to take an agility class with Nancy Gyes.

Last night, I dashed out of work, and drove as fast as I could over the mountain to get up to Power Paws for Nancy's 7:30 agility class. Agility class! Agility class! This was an exciting event for me and my homeschooled dogs. We have our Dirt Nite, but we have never been to Power Paws night time agility class! Just like REAL agility ladies do!

I'm not sure if I get to go back. Maybe I can beg Nancy and she can take a vote. Many of my friends were in class. They may have pity on me. The actual agility part was great. I had my usual problem of seeing serps everywhere. I am like the girl who cried serp. The NEW girl who cried serp. Nancy patiently explained every place that was actually a straight line and not a serp. And then I'd see another one. And she patiently explained why it wasn't a serp. And so on.

Not sure how big of a sin this was. I guess there could be worse problems. At least I don't see dead people out there on course. I leave that one to Gustavo. Usually. But not last night. Even though it was dark and cold, he pronounced Power Paws dead people free! Most excellent!

We ran a lot of sequences, and the weave poles were sandwiched in between to tunnels. Major success from the G-man! Maybe the frustration station exercise helped, maybe not, but he had 100% success rate with pole entries, staying in them when running towards a smiling tunnel, and genuine dogwalk contacts. Otterpop was nice and speedy and running good. I was proud of my dogs.

Except for when they drove me crazy barking in their crate and I had to remove them to car jail. So 2009, Team Small Dog. I thought we were over that. Apparently not at Power Paws at night.

There was a theme to what Nancy told me. Things like, Laura Run. LAURA RUN. That's not a serp. Just run to the jump. Run over to the jump. Not a serp. Reoccurring themes. Over and over again. Much to work on.

Towards the end of class, a small black fox ran onto the field that had a plastic bag for a head. Oh not really. Little black foxes don't have bags for heads. Just wearing a quart size ziploc bag for a hat. Cute!

No wait! Not cute. Not a hat! During one of my I See a Serp moments, Gustavo snuck out of his crate, inserted his entire body into a huge bag of hot dogs belonging to a sheltie lady, and ate every last one. I am trying to have a learning opportunity with the legendary Nancy Gyes, I am trying to have some knowledge here, and Gustavo goes feral. Eats a pound of turkey franks belonging to shelties.

A humiliating moment in life. He was captured. Bag removed. His stomach felt like he was ready to give birth to a softball any moment. He must have been in wonderful bliss when actually eating every last frank, but moments later, realized not a good thing.

Miraculously, no barfing as we drove back over the mountain late that night on the way home. I guess I just don't feed him for a few days. And then see if we are allowed ever to come back to Power Paws class.


Elf said...

Of course you can come back! At the very least you fit in with those of who keep getting told, no, that's the wrong place to stand still, KEEP MOVING FORWARD, shortly followed by, no, that's not the right place to keep moving forward, DECEL![erate] After training with power paws since 1995, you'd think I'd have it. This is not a flaw with power paws. I hate to say what (whom) it is a flaw with. Anyway, you and your dogs were great, and the episode of the missing chicken franks is one that has been oft repeated in various classes through the years, over and over and over. So gustavo fits right in.

team small dog said...

OK, thanks for the vote in Ellen!

vici whisner said...

I did the class last night. So many serp possibilities it could made your head spin. Nancy said, "Vici, I don't think there is a serp there." I'm like, "Is that what you told team small dog?" We all were smiling and looking for serps.
Nancy was really excited she made the blog :)

Miniature Dogs. said...

I like the puppies. I had been gifted a small and very cute puppie to my girlfriend on her birthday. She also love small puppies. Thanks for sharing.....

team small dog said...

Yes Vici you saw those serps too! They sure did look like serps, right? Not just me!