30 October 2010

Super nerdy, super fun.

This is my friend Steve, the Agility Nerd. He has a website where he analyzes all kinds of courses and ways to handle them. Obsessively. Steve leaves no stone unturned! Also, if you were say, looking for pizza near the USDAA Nationals, and Steve walked by, you could ask him where the best pizza was. And within seconds, even though he doesn't even live in Kentucky, he would have found it!

AND, it would be in a black painted bar with paint by number seascape paintings and a moldy deer head on the wall. Underneath which sits the, shall we say, somewhat rotund, Vito, in his special pizza throne and when you walk in, greets you with, "Evening, ya'all." Not just any old pizza place. MY kind of pizza place!

Steve may be a witch! Or else he is just really, really smart.

He's invented lots of things. Google for agility stuff. Bracelets. And now, computer programming of jump sequence generator! Wow! Plug in the jump skills you want to work on, how many jumps, and magically, a little diagram comes up with you, many times in a pattern of great beauty, so you can practice your skills. Like threadles. Or threadles after a 270. Whatever it is, his magic of computer programming will set it up for you.

You have to actually drag the jumps around yourself. Easy. Try it! Tell him if you like it. If you do, I bet he'll keep making more stuff!



Elf said...

Excellent to see the actual Steve! Plus thanks for the googility link; somehow I missed that.

maryclover said...

oooo we love Steve here at home. And while he is nerdy on line, he is actually pretty cool too.