27 July 2010

A happy birthday to a majority of Team Small Dog.

Me, Ruby, Gustavo, Mick Jagger, and Susan Garrett all share the same birthday. That sort of leaves Otterpop out. I'm not sure WHY it isn't her birthday, since I randomly came up with these dates and years for all of my dogs and honestly have no idea how old they really are. I feel sort of bad now that I gave her November.

Our date was yesterday. Our horoscope said that I should be able to improve the overall quality of my life. I'm not sure if that counts for Ruby and Gustavo or not.

In case you're asking, yes, we had a great day and thanks. If you weren't, well, hell. What kind of manners is that?

Also, we got a really, really good present. I am not going to tell you what it is. I will just surprise you, soon, one of these days, ok, soon-ish. I think you'll like it too.


minnow said...

Happy birthday, glad it was a good one with a fun present -- your own forest maybe?

Celeste said...

Happy (estimated/actual) Birthday to Everyone, and Happy (early) Birthday to Otterpop!

Amanda said...

I'm guessing you got a new camera! Catching up on your blog after being out of town--happy belated birthday to everyone and hope it was a great day.