09 June 2010

Hola! Gustavo, another episode of fascinating preguntas y answers con Gustavo!

Los questions of today will focus on weave poles. Los weave poles! Los postes, en epsanol. Because they are curious, Gustavo. Curioso. And we have some questions.

Such as. At the dog show, they had weird bases, and you were clearly weirded out by them. But by the end of the day, able to complete an entire set! Buenisimo! Y en Lunes, when we practiced up at Forest Agility, amazing, stellar, most awesomest weave poles. Lots. Mucho. And I set up a couple of the super hard entries from the Team Relay and you were nailing them. Nailing! Like nails in a birdhouse! With a little roof! For birds!

And then, en Martes, when we practiced, no weave poles. Zero. Muy dificil. And actually, you couldn't even do any agility. The most practicing you ended up doing was your fancy trick we like to call He Stands on a Bucket. We worked on that after some old favorites called Sit and Lay Down. Oh, and Come.

Which, I will say, you did really well. After many tries where you did not. But really. No weave poles. But super running in circles and communing with the underground gophers and perhaps something invisible that lived in the tree. I was going to ask you where they went, our old friends weave poles, but I think instead, we will just go back out there again tomorrow, and see if they've come back. I think, that yes, they will be there. But no guarantias. Adios!


Alaska said...

Gustavo, Man of Mystery.

Not to change the subject, but how is the patient doing under the care of the scary therapy dogs from hell?

team small dog said...

Oh boy. Our poor patient, not so great. All the therapy dogs will have ample time to practice their skills because there is a back surgery scheduled for the near future.