07 June 2010

Steve McQueen would never, ever have been as bad of a host as Gustavo was today.

This is Captain. She came to visit. Gustavo was the world's worst host. Normally, he is all sweetness and light, unicorns and fuzzy underpants. A hostess with the mostess. Not to Captain.

Look at that face. Come on. Why would anyone be mean to Captain? I offer my guests things to drink. We have water at my house, and we have beer. I do not ever chase them off to the deck making horrible little monkey scream sounds and make them hide behind a chair. Also I am pretty sure Steve McQueen never did this to his guests. Prince probably never did this to his guests. Otterpop doesn't even do this to guests. Only Gustavo.


Anonymous said...

Captain had fun anyway. Especially at the beach. She was, however, the most excited I have ever seen her when she walked in our door and saw Boy Howdy...Next time I will bring Boy and he can run interference. Thanks Laura for being an excellent host!!

Elf said...

Ohhhhhh pooor captain! Great photos. He sure is a photogenic guy.