10 June 2010

This is hard to explain, but basically it's her dream about my dogs and it's on her blog but now it's also on mine, if that makes any sense.

Timesaving tip. They have these in those lady porn mags, like Real Simple. Ample white space and carefully styled, clutter free photos of artfully arranged expensive items. And sometimes, here.

When you are having a busy and stressful day, check and see if one of your friends is even more busy and stressed out and then not only dreams your blog post about stress but then writes it up on her blog, saving you from the stress of dreaming, writing, and actually having stressful activities. I think this was the point of Avatar. Which makes me wonder if I am actually asleep right now?

Thanks Vici! Go read Team Small Dog's latest at Team Whisner.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. No more dreams about Gustavo. Hope your stress lightens up...when is your next show? Doing UKI on Sunday? You can sign up day of show and train in the ring...

team small dog said...

We hope to go to UKI on Sunday, it depends on how our patient here is doing..I certainly want to get in those rings with Gustavo and his dirty old sock on a rope!