14 January 2010

Polar bears and earthquake interrupt Greg Derrett Handling System week.

I was having too much despair over the Haiti earthquake which quickly turned into more polar bears on melting ice despair which then somehow veered into the despair over the state of US immigration detention centers.

Greg Derrett Handling System, very important stuff. But just not despair causing. Happens on some days.

Hey. I have an idea. In the time it would have taken you to read the whole thing on footwork and straight lines today, you could find some places to donate money to Haiti. Personally, I can suggest the Red Cross and Yele.org. How about the cost of one Steeplechase run? Polar bears, probably too late for them. But to be in Haiti right now, they are f*cked.

Greg Derrett, to be continued.


kmd said...

Even though it's the best word out there, f*cked doesn't even begin to describe the situation in Haiti this week. They were f*cked before the first tremor started.

I can't watch the news coverage anymore; it's too much. Haiti is so beautiful, yet so very corrupt. Half of its population under the age of 21... sad. How does that happens? Who remains to rebuild the country?

I can't help much from the hinterland that is western Wisconsin. Sending money? That I can do!

Yet I am looking forward to your next installment of the GDHS. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person. I relish my daily insights from Susan Garrett and Team Small Dog. :-)

wishy the writer said...

Oh YES! I should have checked Team Small Dog first! I was wondering why some of my favorite agility blogs hadn't mentioned the Haiti earthquake and even blogged about it here:


but I see I should have checked here! Of COURSE Team Small Dog is on the case!

You mentioned great causes and I recommended Partners in Healthy, another great organization working in Haiti, and if you haven't read _Mountains Beyond Mountains, it's amazing!

wishy the writer said...

oops, that should have been

Partners in Health


sorry for the typo

Elf said...

I also went through http://www.clintonfoundation.org/.

wishy the writer said...

Another great resource, ELF! I read that Dr. Paul Farmer (who started PIH) is working with Bill Clinton today to plan the next response steps! I wish I could do more!

Elf said...

The summary in the paper this morning really sent it home: The president is homeless--national palace destroyed. The archbishop is dead--national cathedral destroyed. The head of the UN in Haiti is missing--whole UN building destroyed. We don't usually see this sort of destruction all the way up to the top.

maryclover said...

Thanks Laura for taking a moment to acknowledge this. When you think about giving in a situation like this, it's great to consider organizations which already has people on the ground in Haiti. Care USA is one. http://www.care.org/index.asp?&p=http


team small dog said...

When we go all despairy over here at Casa de Team Small Dog, there is no Greg Derrett. There is no funniness and a big black cloud goes over head.

We are crabby at work. We find numerous ways to send money to Haiti. You can even do it in your phone. The way I figure, send a lot, send often.

Thinking about dogs is a nice way to make the despairs go away. Thinking about dog agility makes for even deeper head in sand hole. But once that head gets shaken out by giant earthquake wiping out a country that was already wiped out, then the floodgates open of global warming and the floating garbage patch and health care and the migrant camp I drive by every day and the gay marriage ban and it is a bad thing when i get a case of the despairs.

I am going to go adopt a polar bear now.

Alaska said...

UKI entry fee donated to Medecins San Frontieres, thanks to prodding from TSD. (Sorry Mary, but it doesn't look like I would have made it there anyway.)