09 December 2009

Team Small Dog takes the holidays very, very seriously.

I was going to tell you about going to practice yesterday morning before work in the FREEZING! Of where there were icy bits on the grass and Gustavo ran around like a CHAMPION and I ran until I almost passed out with stabbing lung pain and fainting! Fainting, kittens! But didn't, and was happy to be out galavanting around in the sun, even if it did involve ice.

But then I came home and it was so nice in the dog heater chair and I am teaching Otterpop a very funny trick in the house and then buying brother in law xmas gift on the internet and then what was I talking about?

Oh, that you were so worried about my icy bits? And the swooning? You were totally thinking just then, right, if Laura was my REAL friend and not my INTERNET friend, and I would make her a hot toddy to ward off the fainting and sew her dogs little ice proof outfits?

Except, do we even know what is a hot toddy? Does it live in a thermos and involve rum and coke?

For my INTERNET friends, who I like to pretend are my REAL friends because whatever DID happen to all my real friends, after you became super famous museum show having artists who then became pals with rocks stars and I became the somewhat chubby friend who may somewhat forget to brush one's hair? Like, hello, at least I didn't hole up in a modular with 16 cats and a candle making kit. I just switched over to dogs, people. Dogs. It's not LIKE cats.

Anyways. Friends. Your own ho ho ho delivered to your do do door, just send me your u.s.postal address to laura _at_ teamsmalldog _dot_com and get yer own autographed team greeting.

Yep, you there. Let me know you exist and get a fine little piece of mail art as proof that we're pals now. The magic of the interwebs tells me there are pretty many of you out there. You are either hella bored or you sure like my dogs, so now's yer chance to look at 'em every day on your refrigerator.

Or else you find out I am totally a serial killer stalker and I show up at your door and am demanding hot toddy. And you live in Canada!

Righty-o. My few remaining real friends, who maybe now sort of are turned into internet friends, I won't let Gustavo chew on yours. Not even the corner. Internet friends and friend friends and we are all friends, I am just trying to send you a damn Xmas card. So there.


Alice with Kahlua said...

Hey! I've been here for the first time and I felt in love with your dogs, especially gustavo, immediately. I will continue reading now and hope you will visit us too.


Alice with Kahlua

team small dog said...

Hello Alice! We just visited your website and it looks like that Kahlua and Gustavo are long lost soulmates. Comment readers, hurridly click over to Kahlua's website, run it through google translator because it's German, and prepare to fall in love with Kahlua. Thanks for sending this, Alice! We love Kahlua.

Anonymous said...

how eerily scarey... who knew that gustavo was a two of a kind. really, he is one of a kind, but still....

Elf said...

This is the best holiday pet photo ever. Who else would have a spare pair of antlers lying around the house just waiting for a holiday photo op?