10 December 2009

Franky, I can't even think of a title for this, which if it has stumped Laura for words, then it clearly gets to be Favourite Picture.

Photo credit: The incomprable Rob Michalski, best alternative agility photographer around.

I was digging around thru my photos and found this one. It wasn't what I was looking for, but this is a Damn Fine Photo. If there were no more dog photos ever, I'd be happy with this one.

Can I get back to the digging part for a minute? The only way I can find ANY photos right now is by digging around on hard drives and clicking. I used to have a very organized iphoto database until the day the Spongebob camera ate the thumbnail previews. That's right. A $15 digital camera I was using as an Otterpopcam nuked my database. So finding any photos right now is sort of like getting dressed in the dark. Which is how I usually get dressed anyways. Which you may have guessed. And I'm afraid to plug any more toy cameras into my computer. Otterpop just has a giant yellow plastic necklace to wear for special occasions.

You wanna get Team Small Dog a swell gift? A tiny spy cam with a remote that I can clip on to a dog bonnet so the dogs can take more photos for me. Or you know how to restore thumbnails in a giant iphoto database, and yes I already tried what the internet told me to do to bring it back to life and it didn't do jack.

Holiday refrigerator arts on the way! Thanks to all my new internet friends who have emailed me photos of their uncannily similar to Gustavo dogs. Holey smokes. I had no idea. We have a little cult going, our little black dog club. Onward and outward, righty-o.


Anonymous said...

Caption is obviously "Uncle Sam Wants You." Only you are not Uncle Sam, of course. And we are not sure what you want us for, but almost certainly for something better than joining armed forces, something like, say, dog agility?

P.S. My word verification for today is "rehope" -- is this a sign?

team small dog said...

Rehope is sort of like refried beans.

I have no dapper top hat like Uncle Sam. I hope people don't think I look like an uncle. I am ok with auntie. Maybe this could become a recruiting photo for getting people to join dog agility. Although then actually, that might not be a good idea since I look faintly undead in this photo.

I wonder if Uncle Sam actually worked to get people to join the army? It's hard to imagine a world of pre-postmodern advertising.

Anonymous said...

have you tried Picasa? Free from google.

Mac version available.

team small dog said...

I haven't tried Picasa-thanks for the idea though!
My iphoto works now for everything that I load in currently, as long as I don't plug my spongebob camera into my computer. But I can't get it to restore the 900 gazillion thumbnails from the years past of all the photos that live in my hard drives. So they are all beautifully organized and THERE, just can't see the thumbnails to see what is what and where.

Alaska said...

Hey, I have an uncannily-similar-to-Gustavo dog...under than the fact that he's the size of a border collie:

team small dog said...

I think our house needs a Kepler! Someday all the Gustavo look-alikes should gather, except if they were also all like Gustavo then they would find ways to escape from where we gathered them and the neighborhood would be infested!

ampage1@gmail.com said...

I'd be happy with this photo too! Gustavo looks like he is King of the World.