08 December 2009

Right up there with the time we listened to 8 hours of Christmas music without stopping and frankly, we were never the same since.

This adorable Christmas moppet dashed across a road near the Fish and Game office yesterday evening, where dogs are actually supposed to be walking on a leash not running amuck chasing bunnies at 100mph, and found the only hole in the high security fence to the top secret marine estuary off limits beach where NO ONE is allowed except for the scientists who conduct important marine experiments out of view of the public. Me and the other dogs had to wait for him to come back, crouched in the bushes by the fence, trying to look all casual to the scientists who all picked this exact moment to leave work and slowed down when they drove by us. Like, don't mind us, we just like sitting here in the bushes by the side of the road in the freezing cold, whistling through a hole in the bottom of the fence. I kept pulling a kleenex out of my pocket and blowing my noise to avoid eye contact. Then it got dark. Eventually he came back.

This snuggly Christmas bumpkin heard the UPS guy's truck a block away and beat him to our front door, her rapid fire ballistic barking nearly drowning out his amused chant of "Hey they wanna get me? They wanna get me?" as he merrily tossed our luckily non-fragile parcel on to the porch before I could even begin our whole impulse control regime of Dogs Have To Go Lay in Their Beds When UPS Guys Come. Leaping and barking and one thought only, to GET that UPS guy. I just hucked her up like a football, tucked her still freaking out little self under my arm, and we waved brightly through the window at the shorts wearing UPS guy like nothing just happened here.

I would say the holiday season is off to a Team Small Dog start. At least no one peed on the Christmas shrub. Ho ho ho.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Your dog tales really make my workdays bearable. Thanks for blogging, and happy holidays!

vici whisner said...

Hope you are feeling better. One third of the Screeeeeming Monkeeies is all ready to go!

team small dog said...

Right on!

We felt good enough to go practice this am in the freezing! Gustavo sure is practicing like a champ-he hopes to make the Screeeeming Monkeeees proud! Am screamy!