31 December 2009

How can you start again if there isn't an end?

I guess as years go, this was one. Wasn't the worst, and wasn't the best. It would be super to end the year every time thinking, this year was The Best. And then you improve. This year felt like some wheels spinning, a bit stuck in the mud.

I think I am going to name 2009 The Year That We Sort of Spun Around in the Mud and Got a Little Freaked Out that We are Middle Aged Now and This is a Warning of What Could Happen if You're Not More Careful About How You Live Your Life and Don't Eat Properly and Watch Too Much Stupid Real Estate TV.

Wow. Long title. I think I camoflage crap with long titles sometimes. If you haven't figured that out. You get the idea though.

When it all starts again, on Friday 2010, everyone please remember. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. No. Wait. Take the bull by the balls. No. Wait. Dangerous. How about, no spinning mud life passing by not carefully taking bull by horns not balls but not getting gored in stomach and make good things happen?



Susan P said...

Great title for 2009, that is exactly how it was!!!! Let's hope 2010 is less muddy for us both!

Lisa B. said...

Holy crud, you were blogged by Susan Garrett! That's like the dog agility version of being BoingBoinged ;-)

Happy new year!!!

vici whisner said...

You've been blogged by the non-skort wearing seminar presentor, runner of red dogs, none other than "she who must not be named" herself!

Gustavo is totally famous now! No pressure Laura. No, none at all. I guess you won't be sticking in the mud anymore.

team small dog said...

Right, how is that to get home from work one day and you've been blogged and you didn't even know that was a verb until now? And that this public blogging looks like it is going to cost me some $5 bills. Maybe a lotta them. Uh oh.

Jen Lindsay said...

Happy New Year, Team Small Dog! Thank you for all the laughs this blog has given me over this very tough year.