29 December 2009

Behind the scenes from Gustavo's Xmas summary.

The part that Gustavo neglected to show you in the photo essay of Xmas, is the part about how during Christmas I started telling time by coffee, cookies, and wine.

So every day sort of went like this. Coffees - Cookies - Wines - sleep. Repeat the next day. And the next. And the next.

There was some variation. Variation's names were Mocha, Candy and Margarita.

There are no skorts on the upcoming horizons for Team Small Dog. Until after this greatly fun event we are going to call The January of Salads. And after that, The February of Salads. And The March of Salads. All for the April of Skorts. Can't wait.

Also, speaking of skorts and salads, Susan Garrett said for me to tell you she was NOT wearing a skort. In case you were wondering.

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