28 December 2009

Hola Gustavo! otherwise known as Team Small Dog goes off the grid in Los Angeles but then they are back and Gustavo will fill you in.

Hola! Gustavo can tell you why there was no blogs! Here he is telling you this on the interwebs but you can look at his photo with the Epic Swell behind him! Epic! Dudes! Is many beaches in LA and so little time!

Is Laura! She drove and drove and drove the car on many freeways and to places such as Nordstroms and the Mexican restaurant! She mutters under her breath many times and sometimes screams at people nice buddhist phrases such as FREE YOUR HEART FROM HATRED but she is flipping finger bird while being Buddhist!

Gustavo poses here with dogs plus N-dog.

N-dog and the Christmas train and Gustavo can tell you he is not afraid of the train and no more monkey bark screaming at the Christmas train! No peeing in the house! No bad dogs!

Otterpop is a big fat show off. Laura's sister uses dog agility pointy finger but I believe is pointing at the toy missiles that Gustavo will eat! Ironman shoots missiles out his fingers and Gustavo can eat them!

This one is a puppy and it does not have a dog name yet however it is friend to Otterpop because can throw the tennis ball and pets Gustavo very nice for such a puppy.

Epic Swell! When is Epic Swell there are millions of guys in plaid shirts with hoodies under them and they have no underpants under their waist towels doing street changing and they say Epic and they will all pet Gustavo!

Park! There are a lot of parks because of N-dog and the Puppy!

Park agility!

Bike agility!

This is the park Otterpop and Ruby hate. It is called the Dog Park and Gustavo makes 100 friends with people here who pet him and there are also dogs and Otterpop and Ruby hate this place.

Also Gary hates this place because dogs have sweaters! And the people stand around and want to talk about dogs. But everyone here pets Gustavo 100 times!

This is the best park due to the squirrels and N-dog will also help dig for squirrels and there were possibly 100 squirrels.

Gary taught the other dogs at this beach to do dog heeling due to the hamburger sandwiches in the bag! Gustavo too busy RUNNING for hamburger sandwich training. This is Santa Barbara which equals you are in the crate in the car then you are here then you are in the crate in the car until you are home.


Double S said...

So glad you're back Laura, Goo, and the rest of TSD! We missed you... as Gustavo would say, "life is not same" without this blog.

Hope you had a great xmas and a little time to relax and unwind. Can't wait for the New Year's message!

Elf said...

Wow, you probably hear this often, but Laura's sister sure looks a lot like Laura.

Elf said...

Ohhhhhh Mary that is my FAVorite and I didn't go out and get any this year. I will enjoy it vicariously through you.

team small dog said...

Hey I am eating that peppermint bark right now TOO! In a salad!