30 November 2009

The time that me and Susan Garrett review the same movies except that she doesn't mention Metallica and I vote for Kirk Hammet not Captain Kirk.

So a kind of weird and surprising, yet unsurprising thing, was when this morning, I go to click on all my internet things, and there is this blog post from dog agility famousness, Susan Garrett about watching the Star Trek movie on the weekend.

And I am all, WHOA, with wrinkle inducing grimace face, because I watched the Stark Trek movie on the weekend, too. Also the rockumentary about when Metallica goes into therapy to save the band and make more money which was a million times better and who doesn't love watching couple counseling between James Hetfield who goes to his kid's ballet class and Lars the drummer who sells his Basquiat painting for 5 million bucks?

But like how weird is this that me and Susan Garrett watched the same movie on the same weekend and we are both notable dog agility ladies? Except that she is actually notable, and my claim is I probably have a lot more actively shedding taxidermy than she does.

Because I've now seen the Star Trek movie, which if you read Susan Garrett's blog you know is about when Captain Kirk and Spock are youngsters because of something something about the future and the black hole, this is like an emotional mind melding from the planet Vulcan. Dog agility minds think alike!

Although then her review starts talking about something something I forget what although she liked the vegetarian chili, and I will tell you that I had to check out after about an hour because the Star Trek future doesn't seem real to me, like all these fields survived global warming and there are no zombie cannibals taking over and instead everyone is flying around space having babies. Although the firey drill to the core of the earth was really good.

I think you would all like the Metallica movie way better. And you can make devil ears out of your hand instead of that Mr. Spock finger thing that my husband can't do. Who actually ended up yelling at me the last half hour of the movie because HE thought the movie should be watched all the way to the end and thought the space guys were better than the balding, Cosby sweater wearing rock star therapist getting fired by Metallica.


Anonymous said...

Balding groovy therapist getting fired by Metallica very satisfying movie scene. In fact I watched Some Kind Of Monster two times! (And lots of Star Trek in my house to compare, believe me. Lots!)

Elf said...

I liked the new star trek movie way better than most of hte old star trek movies. But I did notice that outerspace HQ is still in san francisco instead of, say, Beijing, which would definitely be more futuristically realistic.