29 November 2009

A step towards my quest towards being a Retired Person in a hooky day from work on a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.

I totally played hooky from work and took the dogs out to a Fun Match at our friend Susan's house. Susan has entered Otterpop's universe of people that are not evil. A very shrimpy universe consisting of 8 people.

It is also just happens to be the site of the Silvia Trkman seminar on Monday. So I thought it would be nice to do a little practice there, see if there were any dead people lurking and such.

And it also happened to be a beautiful, sunny day and what better thing to do on a day like that than go do some agility?

It also happend that a bunch of our friends were there.

Gustavo did a bunch of runs. He did all right. I was pleased. I was freakazola pleased with his weave poles and that he did not run away and try to chase any sheep. I think I had him do one too many teeter totters though.

Otterpop ran a little bit. She was awesome.

Ruby ran a teensy, weensy little bit. She hit a lot of bars and had no weave poles and slept sitting up all afternoon. I took her out to chase bunnies later that evening. She liked that way better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to the Fun Match! I love the boyfriend picture! Perfect! See you soon,

Jessica said...

I love those pictures!! We have 2 dogs...a golden and a chocolate lab...