30 July 2009

Westside is the best side.

Westside Santa Cruz is know for many things. Surfing. Skateboarding. City Council meetings featuring citizens of other realms of space and time. Really expensive real estate. Surfing. Did I mention surfing? Farmer's markets where people wear unusual garments. I may have already mentioned surfing.

So I started counting people on my fingers, and realized that the Westside is now an agility hatchery. Residents of the Westside doing dog agility used to total exactly 2. Me and my dog agility pal who is also a famous professor that writes books that I can't read. Last book she wrote she gave me a copy but told me not to even try to read it until Chapter 8. And I have a Masters Degree. In our whole county there were just a handful of us.

Now, just on the Westside, we have me, Donna, Mary, Kim, Marion, Michael, Deirdre, Deb. Most of us within walking distance of eachother's houses. With all our dogs, 4 DAM teams worth of Westside is the Best Side. Not to mention a little contingent of beginners who are patiently teaching contacts and working on weave poles. We have beaches galore, organic peaches, and hemp lip gloss, yet no one has a backyard big enough for a dogwalk. I believe you are all familiar with the term coined here, Driveway Agility.

And cross the river or drive up through the forest into the valley, holy smokes. Agility folk everywhere. Is Santa Cruz the new hotbed of dog agility? Surf City gone to the dogs?

Just remember. You heard it here first.


agilityfoot said...

If the "new hotbed of dog agility" becomes a reality, I'm movin' back. I guess I could make one gigantic pile of contact equipment in a driveway and place a jump on the very top.

Anonymous said...

"Westside is the best side." Hmmm. Might be best to skip today's news about the Westside.

team small dog said...

Holy smokes! The Westside is the best side when it comes to beating up old blind ladies and shootings this week. Also because it's the Westside, the shooter worked at the same office as one of the agility luminaries and the poor beatup blind lady just a couple blocks from me.

Jen Lindsay said...

Driveway agility has nothing on living room agility: