29 July 2009

The time that the Team's agility got taken over by the ponies.

Usually, you do not hear about work here. Because I like to cultivate the image of a life of leisure, where I just take dogs to the sea and the forest and spend hours and hours and hours training them every single day. And drinking mai tais. How real agility champs are made. When made equals can I have another mai tai?

Ha HA. Did I fool you?

And then the pony campers came this week and the poor team has no life outside of going to work then coming home from work and then going back again. The upside of this is that the pony campers LOVE taking dogs on walks and having dogs sit on their laps during storytime. And it is just pretty darn cute. The downside of this involves glitter glue and there is basically no time for fast running because, hello Martha Stewart horseshoes and hello, glitter glue. Everywhere. And actual work that are actual horses that are not the ponies but which somehow must get done during the time when it is not the ponies.


Team Small Dog hopes to regain a life again when pony camp is over. See you then.

1 comment:

Deb said...

Oh, yeah, the glitter glue stories I could tell (not to mention oobleck). What a mess! I bet your camp is a blast, though! Have a nice glass of wine (or two) when it's over.