31 July 2009

You will read this and feel like, super wow! I am in the boring pen too!

Let's pretend you have dogs that are used to going on a long, fast run every single morning. And every single night. Maybe sleeping all day in the boring pen at work isn't so bad because they dream of the run they just had and the run that's coming up. And tennis balls and little rubbery plastic bones. And a-frames. And writing songs about whales and banjos. But then you make them spend longer hours in the boring pen. And shuttle them off to boring super early and keep 'em there super late. And they are used to hiking a couple mornings before boring pen and practicing agility which makes the dogs' minds work as well as their muscles and cardios. But instead, you just stuff 'em in boxes in the car and stuff 'em in pens and back in the boxes in the car and you do this for one week.

You're all, muscles, ha HA, be gone and cardios, ha HA, be gone and happy zen minds of nice dog thoughts, ha HA, be gone, and you just stuff 'em in a box because it's boring o'clock and you are LATE.

And when you are home they are running around with the balls but you are all, hypothetically speaking of course, "Knock it OFF! Knuckleheads!"

Only you say it like this. "Knuckle...HEADS!!!"

Only louder. "KNUCKLE HEADZZZZ!!!!"

And then it's night and it's sleeping and then it's awake and the whole boxes and boring pen again and so forth and repeat until night.

And that's just all there is.

1 comment:

Elf said...

I'm less generous--it's "BUTT heads" around here.