18 March 2009

Teaching your dog to turn-a primer.

So yesterday, Gary came home and he's all, "Where's my cupcake?"

Referring to, a genuine, real cupcake that was his. All his. And it was gone. Along with the other cupcakes.

I'm all, "Uh, evil robots broke in and ate them all."

He's all, "*&!!**ing Evil Robots!!!"

So I bring this up because I used the 3-d modeling software to make some nice models of how you want to get your dog to turn.

This is turning your dog to the right.

This is turning your dog to the left.

I hate those evil robots. But super useful to understand the turn command.

Let's say you have a dog, like a Gustavo, and he's on your right, and you want him to turn right. Like to go into a tunnel. Or 1000 miles away for a gamble obstacle, which could someday EVEN BE WEAVE POLES! But maybe not weave poles today.

You can do this first time with their toy. Or some treats in a thing you can throw.

Here's the secret. If you are turning your dog right, Use Your Left Hand. Their head turns first.

Then the rest of them.

Then they're all the way turned, chasing their toy.

Troubleshooting FAQ-If your dog turned into Otterpop by the end of the turn, they are probably chasing a frisbee. If you gained 50lbs during the winter, you better start doing A LOT of turn teaching, pronto. And avoid the whole evil robot problem by just not bringing home the cupcakes.


Elf said...

Those robots have been at my house eating all the Girl Scout cookies. They seem to be gaining weight, as their jeans are a little tighter at the moment. Meanwhile, you have the best 3D modeling software in the universe. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Anonymous said...

Cool graphics! Is pointing your toes straight up part of the cue to turn your dog, too? (Sorry, couldn't help my-podiatric-self....)


PS- Hmmm, shall we discuss the sociopolitical economic ramifications of the "Evil Arm"?

team small dog said...

I know, I know, the evil arm. But we're just going to use the robot arm to teach that turn. At least we are not using it to flick away!

There is something wrong with my toes! They do that. I get holes in my shoes and have to get new ones all the times. It is probably a podiatrist's gold mine, my weird toes.

vici whisner said...
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vici whisner said...

Hey, I dig the matching shirt and headband. The toes are just weird.