17 March 2009

It is love, but in a frightening sort of way.

Walker and Kelsey came down from the wilds of Oakland today.

And Sealy and Boy Howdy. Walker and me, we wear the same shoes. He doesn't think it's uncool to have the same shoes as me though. Thanks, Walk!

Sealy, she's doing pretty good. Kelsey waves at her since she can't hear, but she can still run around a little bit and have a good time at the beach.

Boy Howdy, he's always got the leapies. Boy Howdy could TOTALLY come live with us. Not sure why Kelsey doesn't do agility with him, will never figure that one out. I know you've explained it to me, Kelsey. But I still have hope of someday, one day, all my friends decide to take up agility. You have the car, the wardrobe, you can run, and would have a super triple champion with Boy Howdy. As long as there are no s-q-u-i-r-r-e-l-s at agility. Is usually squirrel-free, Kelsey! Come to agility!

Otterpop loves Walker. This is no little thing. Otterpop used to like 6 people in the entire universe. Now it's 7. I am not kidding. She hates almost everybody. Once she likes you, she LOVES YOU and you actually might become scared. Because it's just weird. She hates 99.9% of all humans and then randomly selects someone and LOVES them forever. Not loves. Not likes. She hates you, or she LOVES you.

See, he's sort of afraid of the LOVE. Smart boy.

This much, Otterpop? You LOVE him this much?

LOVE. Or else she thinks she has brainwashed him and he is part of her plot to overthrow whatever it is her deluded, evil little mind has planned. Her and her minions of 7. I am included in there, but I am pretty sure she hasn't brainwashed me. I possess the squirter bottle that stops howling, control when she gets meals and I keep their chewies on a high shelf only I can reach. Ha! Take that, Otterpop. I have taught you the recall and the leave-it and in return I keep you safe from agility judges and everyone else that you don't LOVE.

Oh yeah. She thinks she has complete control over his brain. He is her zombie.

Um, Otterpop? I think he doesn't really care.


Anonymous said...

Walker likes the pictures. Really intrigued by the laser eye contact effect. He is home sick again today. You can tell how sick he is from those photos on the beach...

Thanks for the queso-dillas. Fun as always. Boy Howdy still trying to get sand out of his eyes. Sealy is sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, really freaked by the red lines! Kinda neat though, so I'll give you that one. But, is there only seven minions of OtTeRpOp, really kinda unreal if you know what I mean.
Anyway, CoOl!


team small dog said...

It is not unreal, but I know what you mean, Walker. It is just the world of OtTeRpOp and her 7 minions. Which is how I want to try to always spell her name from now on. So you didn't know she was trying to zombie brainwash you with red lines at the time? They only show up via digital photography. She is so sneaky, that dog.

Jen Lindsay said...

Is Boy Howdy a rat terrier?

Anonymous said...

to answer the Boy Howdy question - Yes, he is a Rat Terrier, albeit non officially as he was a rescue from Hollister.

However, officially, everything about him and his personality is Rat Terrier.