17 February 2009

Team Small Dog visits their new friend Team Lance Armstrong for like one second.

Everyone in my neighborhood walked up to the corner of Bay and Mission yesterday to watch the Tour de Lance Armstrong. It was raining, but the sun came out in time for us all to go stand around and wait for the bikers to come through.

Him and his pelatron were going to be whizzing by the surf shop on the corner at 35mph after a long bike ride down the coast and up the mountain from San Francisco.

Everyone in town came out to watch, I think. Amgen.

There was a pretty long time to wait. Live strong. That's a long way to ride a bike. I drive it all the time in the car and it's pretty far. Hello, Volvo, official car of the Tour de California.

Gary came home at lunch to watch the bikers. Perhaps you know that Gary enjoys him some bikes. Hello, million CHP motorcycles escorting the bikes instead of giving tickets today!

When they finally came through, it was pretty fast.

There's way more cars and motorcycles in a bike race than bikes. Because logos look way better blown up to car size than on tiny assed bike riding dudes.

Woosh. Garmin.

Wait. Was that Lance Armstrong?

Or maybe that was?

Did you see him, Ruby? Or was that the other official car of the Tour de Bike Strong?

No one wiped out or anything.

Otterpop was like, whatever. This is a sport that involves leashes and no sticks. B-O-R-I-N-G.

There were a lot of bikes. They went fast. Corporate sponsorship for everyone. The end. We walked back home in the sun, and stopped at the elementary school for the dogs to run around in the swamp for a few minutes. And we got home, ate some bundt cake, and it started to hail. Right on, Lance Armstrong!

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