08 February 2009

I watch AKC-TV on a Saturday Night so you don't have to.

We had to interrupt some of our family's Saturday night tv viewing, for something far more important than the basketball show. Seems like the basketball channel on at our house quite a lot these days. Those sports with balls that don't involve fetching, really not my thing. Now throw some border collies or pitbulls out there and tell them to get that basketball, THERE'S a way to get your ratings up, basketball channel producers, in case you're asking.

For really high ratings, hello producers, shows like this! Dog agility on tv=ratings soaring! Right? There's Bob and Terry. Some kind of dog announcing luminaries. Bob, he looked like Dick Clark. Actually, was that Dick Clark? Actually, is he even alive? And who's that behind them? Doing the robot in baggy red shirts?

Those would be the AKC Agility Invitational Finalists, ready to run their final course for fame and glory on the Animal Planet Channel. I think they win some Eukanuba dog food? Or money? Or a guided tour of the Queen Mary? Not sure, these strange AKC ways.

AKC agility, maybe not my thing. However agility on tv? Not something you see every day. Like ev-ah. We have cleared our busy Saturday night schedule to watch and it also means at 8pm sharp, no basketball game on in our spacious and gigantic living room where the tv is basically in your eyeballs no matter where you sit. Which did I mention has been featuring quite a lot of basketball lately?

One cool thing with AKC Invitational, they have all breeds of dogs. Not just border collies. Hey, did we even see any border collies? Weird. Although all breeds of dogs means only official purebred dogs and there were no breeds of dogs that were my dogs. Sorry, Team Small Dog. You are not invited to AKC fun times. Although Miss Peruvian Inca Orchid was. Miss Chinese Crested Dog was. But not Untested Breed or Watsonville Street Dog.

This dog though, could be a Ruby cousin. Little shorty terrier. We liked this one. And her handler, super good. Have to say, not very impressed with all of the handling we viewed. A few tragically late front crosses here and there. I guess can happen to anyone, even Champions of the AKC.

This one, super cute rat terrier, same handler, 2 dogs and both of them won their different height divisions. Nice job terrier lady!

Team Small Dog, working up enthusiasm for agility on tv. Um, dogs? Um, Gary? Anyone still awake?


Elf said...

I should've gotten up and turned on my TV and watched the show just in case Mr. Nielson called and wanted to know what I was watching. But I already knew how it turned out (the butler did it I think) and I was tired and couldn't get in the mood. Glad you were there for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't have TV at my house, spend TV money on agility, so thanks TSD, now I feel not so left out, like I saw agility on TV, instead of doing it for real. If I did have TV at my house, it would totally have been a party night, like you had, except my dogs would have been barking instead of sleeping. They know fun when they see it and will not hesitate to tell others to stop having it. Hmmm, would they bark at AKC? (irony and sarcasm not intentional, but unavoidable) So thanks!!!

Jen Lindsay said...

Hey, that's Angie and her toy fox terrier, Duncan, and her rat terrier, Dylan! Laura, if you ever decide to do a breed, and it's not a border collie - you'd like a toy fox terrier. Would fit right in with Team Small Dog.

Jen Lindsay said...

And it should be mentioned that the rat terrier that won the 16" is a shelter dog who had to overcome some serious fear issues. You should see her USDAA rankings from last year - # 1 masters 16 " gamblers, snooker, jumpers and standard. Just an awesome dog and a great handler - barette and all.