07 February 2009

Team Small Dog-Small Stimulus Therapeutic Package for Everyone!

Gustavo, still a therapy dog. Gets carted off to the nursing home to squirm around on the differently shaped laps of the elderly. Too squirmy, jumps off and does a trick show. If by tricks you mean he can sit, lay down, roll over, then leap up with glee to look for something nice to eat like a scrap of kleenex. You find a lot of kleenex scraps in the nursing home. Frequently tucked up sleeves. Much quiet, arthritic clapping ensues.

At my house, sometimes we cart him around when he's half asleep and bingo! You have therapy. He is the best one to do this with. Otterpop farts and Ruby is hard to find and really not much of a carrier. Gustavo, if he isn't running, is out cold, like someone slipped him a roofie out cold, and you can just walk around with him dangling off your shoulder, muttering about therapy and while he goes back to sleep.

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