09 February 2009

Hola Gustavo! It's a good thing he's so cute.

Hola! Gustavo,

I live on an island and my nose is bleeding and I believe we may have gone back in time to the Ren Faiirre/Fayre/Faire. Can you help me?

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Hola Hurley,

Cuando you type in your 25 random things DO NOT mention Ren Fair! K? The island may also send you to the future and in the future there are rainbows and unicorns, pero, I saw Barack there and he looked wrinkly y spent. And no mas puppy. Hi! Wait! I do not go to the future! Laura dice que she knows all the characters on LOST though and no one went to the Ren Fair and I think she is wrong but I am actually asleep! K!

xox, Gustavo

Hola! Gustavo,

Is it true that Michael Phelps tokes a bong to spleef his reef? Isn't he on the AKC World Team or something? Are bongs even allowed on the plane?

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Hola Swim Fan,

Aloha, Mr. Hand! Yo soy not invited to AKC, I am Untested Breed! Hope this helps! OMG is this Barack texting that from Blackberry? Do we ALL get Blackberries economic stimulus for all? Yo tengo la Facebook even? But when BFF Shepard Fairey uses your face maybe he has to have Courtroom Drama? Maybe he can use same lawyer as Michael Phelps, K?

xox, Gustavo

Hola! Gustavo,

Is it the Super Bowl yet?

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Hola Kate Winslet,

How is it that celebrities look so much younger than they actually are? It's easier than you think and you can try it with under $10. Gustavo dice que este? Kewuhl! Kate Winslet, did you really add my Laura in the Facebook straight from the Red Carpet? Most excellent and gracias! I would not pee on the Red Carpet! You are muy bonita, is Red Carpet almost as good as Super Champion LAA Platinum? Like Hobbes has because he does No Blind Kross? Or is like a MACH or even MACH10? Right on!

xox, Gustavo


Alaska said...

I predict that Gustavo will be our next president. After the current dude gets done fixing all the bad stuff, that is. Then we can party.

You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Hola Gustavo, Tell Laura que ella is muy funny, y, si, es verdad que tu es muy guapo, si, si, pero debes be good y mas tranquilo en las dirty noches porque you want Laura to no llorar y gritar, correcto? Si es la verdad. Gustavo muy good dog. Kate Winslet? no comprendo. Si, si, funny funny Michael Phelps. Y tell Laura que hay un broken link que ella debe fix.

Jen Lindsay said...

I believe Gustavo is disqualified from running for President because he was not born on US soil. Bummer.

team small dog said...

Yeah, and he's a dog.

The link is unbroken now. Oops.