10 February 2009

It's rainy season, which means it's time to start ripping chunks of my house off again!

Meet my front porch. A nice place to sit and relax, if your favorite way to relax is laying in wait for the mailman so you can possibly remove at least one of his limbs, once and for all. Otterpop. Also a nice place to stick your leg through rotten boards and not come in our front door, which only opens via secret, complicated method from inside the house.

Well, hasta la adios, front porch. You were my friend, then you weren't, and now I sentence you to death. Come 8am, here comes Brian, who I am pretty sure doesn't surf and will actually show up, in his white van with his tools of mass destruction. Hence beginning the new project called Laura drives to Home Depot a lot to buy whatever Brian's heart desires.

Our hopes and dreams for this new endeavor and our new friend Brian? I just hope Brian doesn't surf and actually builds a new porch instead of leaving us forever with a gaping hole attached to front of house. Ruby dreams he eats burgers for lunch and Gustavo hopes he does not use the dreaded sheet rock screws, which scare him more than pitbulls and tornados. Otterpop? Needs a new porch asap. Because, you know, mailmen, mormons and mayhem.

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